Sunday, May 23, 2010


-Hot Topic Green/Blue Duochrome polish (no name, but it's similar to Black Pearl by Savina)
-Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
-China Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat

So.. funny story about Hidden Treasure. I had been seeing swatches of this everywhere and I completely fell IN LOVE with it. I saw that people were having the most luck at Walgreen's but had heard that it was still pretty hard to find. I literally looked all over town and went to at least 5 Walgreen's before I finally found it! There were a few places that had the display that only holds TWO hidden treasures but they were already gone. One of the employees told me that supposedly since the collection is new, they only got two of each of the complete salon manicure colors. CRAZY! But I'm glad I got my hands on one! Big flakes reflecting green, red and yellow. I couldn't resist! So beautiful :) Love the combo of these polishes. I also wore Hidden Treasure over Hunter by American Apparel which looked great! I'll probably be using this polish a lot :D
If you happen to see one of these polishes you should pick one up because I'm not positive if the whole collection will be permanent?

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